Board of Directors


ctc christinaChristina Melief, Ph.D.

Dr. Christina Melief, co-founder of the Center To Cure, serves as interim Chairman of the Board as well as President and CEO.  She holds a PhD in Genetics from Stonybrook University and BS in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of Washington.  Prior to starting the Center To Cure, she participated in many avenues of disease related basic science research including DNA damage repair in Drosophila, pluripotent cell contribution in zebrafish, cell fate and transdetermination in Drosophila, and early embryonic development of mice.  Dr. Melief’s doctoral research allowed her to contribute to knowledge of glycoproteins associated with several rare diseases.  This exposure to the field of glycobiology ignited her passion to advance rare disease research and her desire to contribute to translational medicine by bridging the gap between patient family, doctor, and researcher.



megan webshotMegan Leonhard, M.P.H.

Megan Leonhard is the co-founder and Chief Epidemiologist and Biostatistician for the Center To Cure.  Ms. Leonhard holds a Masters of Public Health: Epidemiology and Biostatistics from Oregon Health & Science University, School of Medicine.  She holds a BS in Mathematics and Biology from Western Washington University.  She has a diverse data analysis background in bioinformatics and biostatistics having done contract work for health related departments within the Oregon Health Authority and federal agricultural labs in Washington State.  Megan enhances her real world knowledge of patient care through active participation in activities such as job shadows and internships in areas including Orthopedics, Trauma ICU Care, Primary Care, Anesthesiology, Injury and Suicide Prevention, Pre-hospital Trauma Care, and Acute and Communicable Disease.  Her thesis work focused on Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Epidemiology and Care.  Ms. Leonhard strives to facilitate an open exchange of knowledge and information in the rare disease community.



scottwebshot Scott Leonhard

Scott Leonhard serves the Center To Cure as interim CFO.  Mr. Leonhard brings over 35 years of seasoned financial management expertise, as well as, extensive investment advisory expertise to  our Board.  He has accumulated management experience from large corporations including  Chevron, Weyerhaeuser, Pacific Gas and Electric/Natural Gas Corp., and United Airlines and  investment advisory expertise from years with Stanford University and Frank Russell Company.  Scott holds an MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University’s School of Engineering and a BA in Mathematics/Computer Science from Western Washington University.  Mr. Leonhard is currently CEO of Wenatchi Group, Inc.



nancywebshot Nancy Leonhard

Nancy Leonhard serves as interim Secretary for the Center To Cure.  Mrs. Leonhard has an eclectic  background as a corporate secretary, web administrator/project manager, and educator.  She holds a MA in Education of Exceptional Children from San Francisco State University and a BA in Education, Special Education and Music from Western Washington University.  She holds an Elementary and Secondary teaching certificate in Washington State.  Nancy has been a dedicated volunteer and advocate for families and children in her community.  She currently serves as the Corporate Secretary for Wenatchi Group, Inc. and works as a substitute public school teacher.